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Pikeville City Fire Department

About Us

The City of Pikeville Fire Department is comprised of 30 career Firefighter/EMT’s and is supported by several dedicated volunteer firefighters. Pikeville Fire provides service to the area with fire, technical, and EMT services on a 24/7 schedule. The department receives the most up to date and advanced training and has participated in pilot programs for Kentucky State Training and advanced EMS skills training.

The Pikeville Fire Department is committed to providing the best service to the residents of the City of Pikeville.

Service Commitments

Desire to Serve • Courage to Act • Ability to Perform


Respect • Accountability • Honesty • Cooperation

Mission Statement

The purpose and objectives of the Pikeville Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services are to provide emergency responses to fire, explosions, rescue squad type emergencies, hazardous materials type responses (at the level that the department is trained), emergency medical responses (at the basic life support level), set up floodgates (according to floodgate sop’s) when needed and to respond to other natural or manmade emergencies within the city limits of Pikeville, Kentucky and or surrounding areas as may be authorized by the Pikeville City Commission.  The Pikeville Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services will promote fire inspections, fire prevention and public education, safety awareness, CPR and other first aid classes to the departments’ training and certification. The members of the Pikeville Fire Department will provide goodwill and the highest level of services possible to all citizens of our community with career and volunteer personnel.