Business Licenses

If your business is based within Pikeville city limits, you should also confirm that the proposed business activity is an allowed use at the business location address.  Please note, the issuance of a city business license does not equate to city zoning approval of the business activity in the specified business location.


CITY BUSINESS LICENSE.  Pikeville requires a business to hold a city business license (also called “endorsement”) if it is either (1) physically located within city limits, or (2) entering city limits to conduct business. (To confirm if a business location is within city limits, see “How to: VERIFY IF DOING BUSINESS IN CITY” section below.)

If the city determines that a business does not meet the requirements, the city will withdraw the city license registration and require that the business re-apply for the city business license and pay the applicable city fees.

Not transferable. A city business license is not transferable to another party; each new owner must apply for a new city business license.

HOME-BASED BUSINESS. In addition to holding a city business license, a business with a location address that is a residence in the city (referred to as “home occupation”) must comply with the city’s home occupation regulations, and may be required to hold a Home Occupation Permit issued by the Community & Economic Development Department.


Obtaining a city business license is a 3-step process:

– Application. (using paper Business License Application and City Addendum). To obtain paper forms, Download Hereor pick up forms from the first floor Customer Service Desk at Pikeville City Hall, 243 Main Street. Mail completed forms, along with a check or money order, to the Pikeville City Hall address on page 1 of the application form.

1. City review & license activation. When a business successfully completes application and associated payment, Pikeville notifies city that application information is available for review with respect to city regulations. Unless issues arise during review, city typically activates a license within a week of BLS notification. (If issues arise, the applicant will be contacted.)

2. Issuance of business license. After city activates city business license, mails out the business license.


A city business license is active until expiration date shown on state license.

To facilitate the annual renewal process, Pikeville mails a renewal notice to each active city business licensee approximately 45 days prior to the applicable expiration date. The notice includes instructions to complete renewal process prior to expiration date.

Upon completion of a renewal, Pikeville issues an updated state license, showing the applicable city license endorsement category and new expiration date.

Fees to renew the city business license are the same as fees to apply for the city business license – see “FEES…” section below.


Annual City License Fees – Application or Renewal.

Fee TypeAmountDescription
Base License Fee*$200.00per location or entity
Surcharge (Employee Fee)**$90.00per FTE “employee”***
MINIMUM TOTAL, ALL FEES$290.00based on 1 FTE employee

* Applies to businesses not qualified for all-city-fees exemption criteria.

** Applies to businesses not qualified for all-city fees or employee-fee exemption criteria.

*** Full-time equivalent (FTE) “employee”: Calculated based on total hours to be worked in city in 12-month period by all “employees” divided by 2,080 hours; result is then rounded to nearest whole number before multiplying by employee fee rate.

“Employee” includes: Any person working in city that is on business’ payroll or that is a self-employed person, sole proprietor, owner, manager, or partner of business. (Persons working for a business through an employment agency are considered employees of that agency.)


It is important to keep your business account information current. Updates to the business name, governing people, and/or address(es) should be made as described.


LICENSE APPLICATION QUESTIONS — Contact the City of Pikeville:

Phone: (606) 437-5100
243 Main Street | Pikeville, KY 41501

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