James A. Carter

It is an honor and a privilege to serve in the role of Mayor for the citizens of Pikeville. I would like to thank the citizens of Pikeville as you have allowed me to continue the work and progress we have made with completing a vast majority of our projects in our previous comprehensive plan. With a newly adopted comprehensive plan, I am looking forward to many more outstanding projects and developments for the citizens of Pikeville and the surrounding region. I hope the work we do as the governing body of Pikeville is satisfactory to you. As the City of Pikeville continues to grow and we work together for the common good, we can continue to be the most progressive city in Kentucky. I will continue to work for more progress and work toward attracting businesses and job opportunities for our young people so they will continue to live and raise their families here. I envision our city as being a bigger influence on other municipalities in our area as we expand our infrastructure to improve our way of life here in Eastern Kentucky.


Jimmy Carter

Pikeville Mayors

The town of Pikeville was established by Charter on June 5th 1893. The governing body was known as a Board of Trustees and the Chairman presided.  Our first records indicate that James Sowards served as Chairman in 1903.

The following is a record of those who have served as Mayor for the city:

1904 – 1905 J.M. Roberson
1906 – 1908 R.A. Hellier
1909 – 1910 E.E. Trivette
1911 J.S. Cline
1912 – 1913 P.F. Preston
1914 D.T. Keel & I.M. Williams
1915 I.M. Williams
1916-1917 A.J. Jackson
1918-1919 J.L. Morgan
1920-1921 J.E. Childers
1922-1923 J.L. Morgan
1924 J.F. Pauley & Z.A. Thompson
1925 A.T. Ratliff, MD
1926 W.K. Steele
1927 J.P. Marrs
1928-1929 George Pinson, JR
1930-1933 F.A. Connolly
1934-1937 K.J. Day
1938-1941 Hi Pauley
1942-1945 M.D. Flanary
1946-1949 W.B. Stone
1950-1953 T.M. Stratton
1954-1957 W. Elmer Blackburn
1958-1960 W.C. Pauley
1960-1989 William Carter Hambley, MD
1990-1993 Walter E. May
1994-1998 Steven D. Combs
1999-2002 Frank Morris
2003-2014 Frank Justice II, DVM