Customer Service

Providing excellent service for our citizens, businesses, and other customers is a core value of the City of Pikeville. We offer in-person services at City Hall at 243 Main Street, but our customers can make most of the same transactions through this website or by telephone. We strive to continually expand our customers’ options.

Development Services

The City of Pikeville strives to make compliance with ordinances for residential and commercial construction as easy for residents, businesses, and developers as possible. Contact this department with any questions you may have about zoning requirements, permits, or licenses.

Office of Economic Development

The City of Pikeville Economic Development Department is dedicated to encourage, support, and promote the economic vitality of the City of Pikeville and Eastern Kentucky. The City of Pikeville is a forward thinking, progressive, and fast-growing municipality in Eastern Kentucky.

Finance Department

The Finance Department manages and controls all financial functions for the City of Pikeville, Kentucky under the direction of the Mayor, City Commission, and City Manager in accordance with generally accepted principles of government accounting and various Kentucky Statutes and Administrative Codes. The public can view audits and annual budgets here.

Fire Department 

The Pikeville Fire Department provides a variety of services in addition to putting out fires. They also provide services related to fire prevention, emergency medical services, water rescue, aid other jurisdictions, and  respond to other hazardous emergencies. They also provide training and education programs including child safety restraint training for new parents.

Human Resources

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide services in personnel management and employment.

Main Street Program

The Pikeville Main Street Program is an award winning organization facilitated by the City of Pikeville, but is largely made up of highly dedicated volunteers. Its mission is to preserve and enhance the vitality of the downtown area. They do this through promoting downtown businesses and the historic character of the buildings and spaces found there. Among other methods, they help businesses with design, facades, coordinating with property owners, and hosting various events.

Operations and Public Works

These departments largely oversee the design and construction of various projects throughout the City of Pikeville in addition to working with the city’s public works contractor to ensure the city’s various utilities are well maintained and continue to function in an efficient manner.

Parks and Recreation

Whether you live in Pikeville or are just visiting our city, you cannot help but notice the beauty and pride our city takes in its parks, trails, and outdoor activities and events.

Police Department

It is the Mission of the City of Pikeville Police Department to safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve.  Pikeville Police will maintain a partnership with the community and in accordance with constitutional rights to enforce the laws, preserve the peace and protect the citizens with honor and at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain our citizens confidence.

Public Safety Department

Pikeville Public Safety includes Emergency Management and E911 services for the City of Pikeville. These department coordinates the emergency response activities of the Police and Fire Departments, and, in some circumstances, with other city departments or outside agencies as necessary.

Tax Department

The Tax Department handles city taxes and licensing. The Tax Administrator for the City of Pikeville oversees the department.

Utility Department

The City of Pikeville provides water, sewer, natural gas, and solid waste services to all of the City’s businesses and residents as well as to some customers outside the city. This department is primarily made up of customer services representatives who will be happy to assist customers with activating or terminating services, as well as to answer questions about services or payments related to those services.