The City That Moves Mountains

Department Members

Career Members

Public Safety Commissioner Phillip Reed
Fire Chief Patrick Bentley 
 Housing Inspector Robert Lindsay
Senior Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal Kenny Sampson
Battalion Chief Kevin Miracle
Battalion Chief Jamie Sparks
Battalion Chief Mitch Case
Lieutenant Brian Crum
Lieutenant Johnny Cole
Lieutenant Matthew Stevens
Lieutenant Brandon Hayton
Safety/Environmental Chris Allen
Firefighter/EMT/Public Information Officer Nick Fleming
Firefighter/EMT Ritchie Robinson
Firefighter/EMT Austin Akers
Firefighter/EMT Roger Keene
Firefighter/EMT Justin Maynard
Firefighter/EMT Kevin Fox
Firefighter/EMT Brent Tackett
Firefighter/EMT Hershell Brent Tackett
Firefighter/EMT Brandon Daniels
Firefighter/EMT Kyle Taylor
Firefighter/EMT Charles Sexton
Firefighter/EMT Hunter Ferran
Firefighter/EMT Murphy Deskins
Firefighter/EMT John Adkins
Firefighter/EMT Mickey Bentley
Firefighter/EMT Josh Murphy
Firefighter/EMT Lucas Miller
Firefighter/EMT Marcus Riddle
Firefighter/EMT Robert Gile
Clerk Rita Adkins