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 “Teaching students good decision making skills to help them lead safe and healthy lives”


The  D.A.R.E.  program has been successful thanks to the cooperation, support, and assistance from the Pikeville Independent Schools, many local businesses, and the community.  The Department instructs the D.A.R.E. Program in middle school to t he seventh grade and in the elementary school of the Pikeville    Independent Schools System to kindergarten and fifth grade.  The program is taught to approximately two hundred students over  ten  weeks and consists of various topics. Topics include “Stranger Danger”, gun safety, and the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  In middle school the topics of bullying, gangs, and peer pressure is added to the courses.  The fifth grade students write an essay at the completion of the course and have the opportunity to win a bicycle for the best prepared essay.  All D.A.R.E. graduates receive a certificate and a t-shirt.


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