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Robbi Bentley


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The City  Clerk’s office deals with lots of information concerning the community and people within the community.  Being City Clerk plays an intricate role in the success and the operational functions of the community through the process of the laws and the Code of Ordinances that govern the City.  City Clerk deals with official documents such as minutes, resolutions, ordinances, proclamations, deeds, easements and many other documents that are public record as they are approved by the City Board of Commissioners.

One of the main focus of the City Clerk’s office is to provide information to the citizens, fellow employees, and other public entities.  A large portion of the City Clerk’s office deals with the proceedings and policies generated through public meetings of the legislative body, The Board of Commissioners. Records, such as agendas, minutes, resolutions, ordinances, contracts, deeds and easements automatically become public record with their adoption and/or approval by the City Commission. The City Clerk is responsible for archiving the records, providing copies of the records upon request, and publications of various documents. On occasion, individuals, whether for business or personal use, will request documents to be mailed or faxed.  Projects utilizing state or federal funds are generally coordinated through the City Clerk’s office, with the assistance of a grant consultant or the area development agency.  In summary, the City Clerk’s office provides public information to anyone requesting information. 

Mission Statement

The office of the City Clerk is committed to providing the highest level of professional customer service by properly maintaining City records and history of the City in accordance with Federal, State and the Code of Ordinances.

Lien Holder Notification System

In accordance with KRS § 65.8836 and the City of Pikeville Code of  Ordinance § 92.99, the City of Pikeville, KY is providing the information below to lienholders who may have an interest in these properties. If you are a lienholder and you would like to take action with regard to a final order associated with a property, please contact the City Clerk, Robbi Bentley by email at: or by telephone: 606-437-5134.