Pay Your 2019 Property Taxes Online

The City of Pikeville Tax Division offers various electronic payment options for paying your 2019 property tax bills online.   These options are convenient, safe, and secure.  For details to process your

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Proposed Downtown District Ordinance

The goal of the proposed ordinance is to create safe venues for customers and to discourage illegal activities. The governing officials of the City of Oxford will consider the following ordinance at the upcoming meeting(s) of the Board of Aldermen.

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Traffic Pattern Changes (Testing A Pagination)

The roundabout at South Lamar and Belk will become operational on Friday, August 17th. Though the roundabout will be functional and provide access for all directions of travel, work will still remain for the coming weeks to complete concrete curb and islands. Please use caution as you travel in this area as everyone adjusts to the change in traffic.

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