2019-Application For Occupational License

Application For Extension Of Time To File

EQ-1 Employers Quarterly Return Form

EQ-2 Amended Employers Quarterly Return Form

Hotel Motel Room Tax Quarterly Return Form

IQ-1 Individual Quarterly License Fee Return Form

Net Profit License Tax Return Form

Occupational License Fee ReturnFederal Form 245

Occupational License Individual Form 245A

Ordinance 0 2009 027

Ordinance Amendment Of Chapter 111

Ordinance No 0 2008 002 Occupational License Tax

Ordinance No 0 2011 025 Amendment Transient Room Tax

Ordinance No 0 2014 018 (Sunday Sales)Amending Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance

Reconciliation Of License Fee Withheld

Regulatory License Fee Return Form

Restaurant Tax Monthly Return Form

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