Our Future Vision for Pikeville

What would Pikeville be like as a place to live, work or visit if the community’s values and preferences were achieved? The City’s mission and vision statements describes Pikeville’s direction for the coming years and our ambitions for the future.  

Mission Statement

The City of Pikeville is a forward-thinking city paving the way for the rest of Eastern Kentucky. We are committed to service, hospitality and integrity while preserving our natural and cultural heritage. We strive to bring economic advancement and opportunity to Eastern Kentucky by being transparent, open and honest so that all who live and work here belong and are valued. We strive to treat our neighbor with respect as they would treat us.

Vision Statement

We invest in our city by enriching the lives of our citizens and supporting our businesses, and we take pride in sharing that hospitality with all who visit us.

Comprehensive Plan

The City of Pikeville completed its new Comprehensive Plan in early 2021. We expect to update this space with information from the plan as we move forward. Click here to view the plan.