If you would rather download the form and fill it out and return to the city .

Owner Information

Owner Information

Contractor Information

A City of Pikeville Business License is required prior to issuance of this permit. Please click here if you need to complete an application for a city business license.

(enter “Pending”) if you have not yet obtained a Business License.”

Sign Information

Conditions of permit or comments

  • All Signs must be wired according to current national electrical code.

  • Flashing signs are prohibited in all zones and districts.

  • Illuminated signs must have final inspection by electrical inspector.

  • If all sub-contractor phone numbers, addresses, and city license numbers are not included, email this information to taxes@pikevilleky.gov.

Once you have submitted this application, the City will contact you regarding its status and any fees or additional information that may be required. Please contact the Tax Administration Office at 606-437-5100 with any questions or concerns.

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