The City That Moves Mountains

Pikeville Police Officers



                                                                     INTEGRITY              SERVICE                      COURAGE



Pikeville Police Department

111 Scotty Hamilton Way, Pikeville, KY 41501


 Chief Chris Edmonds,

Captain Aaron Thompson,

Captain Ricky Younce,

Lieutenant Michael Riddle,



Sergeant David Adkins,

Sergeant Russell Blankenship,

Patrolman Tony Conn,

Patrolman Joseph Slone,

Patrolman Chad Branham,

Patrolman Josh Lawson,

Patrolman Tommy Fouts,

Patrolman Billy Ratliff,

Patrolman Sonny Buckley,

Patrolman Josh Tackett,

Patrolman Daniel Fields,

Patrolman Austin King,

Patrolman Nick Taylor,

Patrolman Colby Hobson,

Patrolman Austin Kranzman,



Detective Virgil Ray,

Detective Bruce Collins,



Records Clerk Elizabeth Thompson,




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