Vision and Values Statement

The City of Pikeville is a forward-thinking city paving the way for the rest of Eastern Kentucky. We are committed to service, hospitality and integrity while preserving our natural and cultural heritage. We strive to bring economic advancement and opportunity to Eastern Kentucky by being transparent, open and honest so that all who live and work here belong and are valued. We strive to treat our neighbor with respect as they would treat us.

We invest in our city by enriching the lives of our citizens and supporting our businesses, and we take pride in sharing that hospitality with all who visit us.

Your City Government at Work

The City of Pikeville operates under the city manager form of government which largely resembles the commission plan, in that the city elects four commissioners and a mayor to serve on the board of commissioners. The board of commissioners appoints a city manager who acts as the chief administrative officer for the city. This individual is a professional who is employed by the city to run the operational affairs of the city on a day-to-day basis. Cities in Kentucky currently have the power to govern within their boundaries without specific legislation authorizing each particular function. Before 1980, cities had to rely almost exclusively on the General Assembly to authorize various functions. However, with home rule, cities can function in any way that does not directly conflict with state or federal law. Specific cases of such conflicts vary in terms of their standing but generally speaking, cities have broad authority over their residents and can add to state and federal law but cannot subtract from it.

Resource Links:

 KRS 83A.030-83A.160

Comprehensive Plan:

View the City’s 2021 Comprehensive Plan to see the vision for the City’s future growth.