The City That Moves Mountains

Station Locations

Station #1 is the headquarters and training center for the Pikeville Fire Department. It is located at 104 Chloe Rd and is responsible for the protection of downtown Pikeville. Station #1 is manned by 4 personnel per shift and houses EMS-5, Engine-5, Engine-9, Tower-2, and a Command-3. Station #1 facilitates several administrative offices also. Fire Chief Ronald Conn, Fire Marshal Eddie Greenhill, Secretary Rita Adkins, and Building Codes Inspector Robert Smith are all located at this station.


The Tommy Hall / Pikeville Training Center is located in the adjoining lot of station #1. The training center was recently rededicated to former Fire Chief, Tommy Hall, and is now called The Tommy Hall / Pikeville Training Center. The training center and drill tower are available upon request to any county fire department and we have training every other Tuesday for our volunteers. All Firefighter/EMT’s are responsible for completing 100 hours of recertification training per year by the Kentucky Fire Commission. They are also liable for a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education to maintain good standing for their Kentucky EMT certificate every two years and those that are Nationally Registered EMT’s must acquire 72 hours continuing education every two years. Firefighters/EMT’s must also complete hours for recertification for any specialized certificates they may have earned.


Station #2 is located at 304 Island Creek Rd. This station houses Engine-7 and Ladder-1. Station #2 is manned by two personnel per shift. This station is the maintenance center for the department. All general service work to all fire department vehicles is carried out here. The coverage area for this station is from the N. Mayo Trail location of Community Trust Bank southbound through the Cut-Thru to the south city limits, Cedar Creek Rd, and Island Creek Rd. This station also covers KY rte. 3496 from the South Mayo Trail Holiday Inn Express intersection to the flood gate.


Station #3 is located on Hambley Blvd. and is the home of Tower-1, EMS-4, and Rescue-2. This station is manned by two personnel per shift. Station #3 coverage area is from the N. Mayo Trail location of Community Trust Bank northbound including KY rte. 3495 to the north city limits, the Thompson Rd. area, and Keyser Heights.