The City That Moves Mountains

City of Pikeville Commission



Jerry Keith Coleman Commissioner

As a member of the  City of Pikeville Commission, I look forward  to continuing to serve  the citizens of Pikeville. I owe much to this town and its’ people that entrusted me with such an important position. Having been raised here, as well as attending school and working here, it’s a humbling privilege for me to be able give back to my community in this capacity.

As we work hard to continue the  hard work of the previous administrations, as well as the efforts by numerous others, Pikeville will grow beyond what many of us will dream.  Our university and hospital continue to grow, benefitting not only our city, but the region.  The joint efforts of the city and county tourism commissions have made for great strides, attracting visitors from all over the country. New hotels and restaurants continue to claim their place along our streets. Our police and fire department rival those of any city. As commissioner, I intend to do my part in furthering such progression.Pikeville is one of the cleanest, friendliest and progressive towns in America. It’s also an attractive place to do business, or start a business. So whether you live here in Pike County, or are considering a visit from far away, I offer a standing invitation and warm welcome to you.



Patrick McNamee Commissioner

I am looking forward to serving the citizens of Pikeville as a city commissioner.  I want to thank all the residents that voted for me.  This is a great opportunity to be involved in our unique community and help continue the progress that Mayor Hambley began many years ago and has continued with our current Mayor Carter and the past commissions.

I am a graduate of Pikeville High School and Eastern Kentucky University.  I have worked for the Kinzer family since 1993.  My wife, Nicole, is also a graduate of Pikeville High School. We have two sons, Jay and Henry, who attend Pikeville Elementary School.  We have lived most of our lives in the Pikeville area and have been amazed at the progress that has happened in our lifetimes.

I’m looking forward to this opportunity!



Bob Shurtleff Commissioner

As a newly elected Pikeville City Commissioner, I would like to say thank you to everyone who had confidence to put me in this position. My wife, Kathy, and I are both life-long residents of Pikeville and graduates of Pikeville High School. We moved back here after attending the University of Kentucky and raised our three sons-Robert, Ryan and Ross.

I have seen the growth of mining come and go as well as population centers shift over the years. I look forward to keeping Pikeville on the progressive path that the prior commission has placed us on. There are so many good things going on here with UPike, Pikeville Medical Center, Marion’s Branch Industrial Park and the Dueling Barrels which is  set to open later in the spring.

For the past 31 years I have been employed with Kentucky Power Company, which has allowed me to learn this county and the surrounding area in a unique way. My grandfather began Shurtleff’s Laundry here in 1921. My wife’s late father Robert F. Linton saw the potential of Pikeville in 1965 when he moved his family from Louisville to begin an accounting firm.

My goal is to continue the potential for businesses  that has been here for so long and hopefully for many years to come.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve our very unique community as well as my home town!



Steve Hartsock Commissioner

I am a life long resident of Pikeville, Kentucky where I attended Pikeville High School.  I would like to take this opportunity  to thank everyone for giving me the chance to serve the citizens of Pikeville.

I look forward to working with the mayor, city manager, and the other commissioners in making Pikeville a great place to live and work.